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Track the status of work & hit client deadlines

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Tracking Work & Deadlines in Your Workflow DashboardHow to easily track the status of client work in your workflow dashboard
Workflow templates - Document Your ProcessesSet up your templates to document your accounting processes and maintain work quality at scale
Tag Automators - Automate the status of workAutomate the status of work as it moves through the process
Placeholders roles for templatesAuto assign team members to tasks when creating work from templates
Recurring Projects: How they workLearn how you can set your work to repeat to automate work creation
Accounting Periods for ProjectsSpecify what accounting period your projects are for in FC
Create Saved Filtered Workflow ViewsCreate saved workflow views and custom reports to declutter your view and see the work that matters most to you
How to Customize my Workflow DashboardHow do I change the fields I see on my workflow dashboard?
Calendar View - Tracking Client WorkThe calendar view is a different way to track client work
Due date constraints on templatesAutomate due dates when creating projects/work from templates
Work ResourcesLink to important resources, apps, videos, and documents from work inside Financial Cents
Create Your Client WorkSet up your client work in Financial Cents to track deadlines and collaborate with your staff.
How to import your workflow starter pack into Financial CentsImport your workflow starter pack in seconds to start streamlining your firm
Collaborating with your Team in Financial CentsLearn how you can keep your team in the loop by collaborating on work inside of Financial Cents
Default settings for Workflow TemplatesStreamline and automate work creation
Save Workflow Views & more notificationsSave & set default workflow views, @ team members on the client profile page, and upload any size document
Calendar ViewLearn more about the Calendar View in Financial Cents
Emails triggered by tasksAutomatically trigger a customized email to your client when a task is completed

Create any workflow template in seconds with ChatGPT AIUse AI to create any workflow template in seconds
Internal Due DatesHow to track internal or estimated due dates
How to Create Projects/Work in Financial CentsLearn how to create work in Financial Cents
How to Extend Due DatesApply due date extensions for client work in Financial Cents
How to Bulk Edit ProjectsHow to easily mass or bulk edit your projects in Financial Cents
How to customize firm-wide automationsHow to turn off your automated workflow settings in Financial Cents
How to set up reminders for due datesDue date reminders on projects/work
How Does the Show Current Assignee Filter Work?Enhance your visibility by understanding who the current assignee is on client work in Financial Cents
How to Add Task DependenciesUse task dependencies to automatically notify team members when it's time to begin their task
Can I upload workflow templates from a CSV or Excel file?When creating templates can I upload a CSV or Excel file?
How to Mark a Project CompletedHow to close a project and make it disappear from your workflow dashboard
How to Copy a Project to Multiple ClientsEasily assign or duplicate a project to multiple clients at once
Can I share my templates with friends?Easily share your workflow templates with your friends that use Financial Cents
How long does it take for a project to recur?Why haven't my projects recurred yet
How to create tag & status filtersHow to use tags to better track client work
Can I customize my workflow dashboard?Customize your workflow dashboard to track the information that matters most to your firm
How to track prospects and leads in Financial CentsEasily track leads through the sales process in Financial Cents
Bulk Extend Projects from your Workflow DashboardUse the bulk extend feature to easily extend multiple projects at once inside Financial Cents