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It is finally here!

We just released the Calendar View to help you better manage your important due dates. This is the first version so please provide us feedback on how we can make it more useful for your firm!

There are several actions you can do in the calendar view.

  • View the projects on a weekly or monthly format

  • Quick create projects by clicking a day on the calendar

  • Drag and drop projects to change the dates

  • Quick view tasks by clicking a project

  • Filter your calendar view by client, assignee, or tags

Watch this short video to see the calendar view in action!


  • How do I get project due dates to show on my calendar?

    • Whichever day a project is presented is the day it is due. So for example, if you see a project displayed on March 3rd, it is due on March 3rd.

  • How do I get meetings to show on my calendar?

    • You cannot see meetings on your calendar view, you can view projects that are due that day.

  • How do I see tasks on the calendar view?

    • To see the tasks that are associated with the project and what tasks have been completed so far you simply click the project and they will pop up.


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