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Can I share my templates with friends?
Can I share my templates with friends?

Easily share your workflow templates with your friends that use Financial Cents

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Now you can easily share your workflow templates in Financial Cents with other users!

This makes it easy for friends and colleagues to get set up and start using your workflow templates in Financial Cents.

How To Share Your Templates

Click Share Templates > Export Templates within the Project Templates page.

Select the templates you want to export and download them. Once the file is downloaded you can email the file to your friend or colleague.

Once they receive the file with the templates, they will be able to import it into Financial Cents.

Then they have to option to select the templates they want and add them to their account.

When you export a template it will include the tasks, description, subtasks, time budgets, and due dates. It will not include documents, company names, users, or other sensitive information.

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