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How to create tag & status filters
How to create tag & status filters

How to use tags to better track client work

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Tags are custom filters that you can create to track client work the way you want. Every firm is different and tags allow you to create filters that fit your process.

Here are some examples of how you can use tags

  • To track work in a certain stage the stage or status (in processing, in review, waiting on client info)

  • to track work associated with a certain team or manager (team 1, team 2, manager 1, manager 2)

  • To track work with a specific priority level (low, medium, high)

  • Location (office 1, office 2, office 3)

The opportunities are endless as you can create as many tags as you want. We recommend creating tags that are similar to the ways you track work currently.

Creating a tag is easy. Just select the "Tags" drop-down and click "Manage Tags"

You have the ability to create new tags and associate a color with them. You can also set tags to recur with projects so you don't have to reassign them every time a project recurs. This is great for tags that associate a project with a team or location.

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