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Bulk Extend Projects from your Workflow Dashboard
Bulk Extend Projects from your Workflow Dashboard

Use the bulk extend feature to easily extend multiple projects at once inside Financial Cents

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Why bulk extend?

We understand accounting work often needs to be extended, so we made it possible to easily bulk extend projects from your workflow dashboard.

You want to use the feature to extend work that has potential extensions, like tax returns. This feature allows you to easily change the due date of the work without it affecting the future recurrence.

For example, you extend the due date of a tax return from April 15th to October 15th. When the project recurs and creates for next year, the due date for the recurrence will still be April 15th instead of October 15th.

How to use bulk extend

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to use the bulk extend feature on a project, the project must already have an extension due date extension applied to it.

You typically add the due date extension as you create the project. If you didn't add it while creating the project you can always edit the project and add the due date extension.

Here is where you add a due date extension. You can get here by clicking on the project > Actions > Edit.

Once you have this due date extension applied to a project, you can go to your workflow dashboard, select the project, and the "bulk extend" button will show up. If you bulk extend, this due date extension will now be applied and the due date will change.

If you do not have an extension applied to a project and you select it on your workflow dashboard, the "bulk extend" button will NOT show up. This is because there needs to be that theoretical due date extension so we know what date to extend the project to.

We understand that work sometimes needs to be extended. This feature easily allows you to apply a potential extension in case you end up needing one, and extend multiple projects at once instead of going in and extending each project individually.


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