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Collaborating with your Team in Financial Cents
Collaborating with your Team in Financial Cents

Learn how you can keep your team in the loop by collaborating on work inside of Financial Cents

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Financial Cents is not only your project management tool, it's also your centralized communication hub. Our communication capabilities make it easier for your team to collaborate so they can stay in the loop and hit their deadlines!

Stop collaborating across different channels and save your employees time from searching through emails, folders, text messages and sticky notes to find important information.

Below are the best ways to collaborate with your team in Financial Cents:

Collaborating Inside a Project

In Financial Cents collaboration can take place inside of a project. There are a few tabs that are used specifically for team collaboration. Inside a project there are various tabs where you can collaborate.

  • The "Comments" Tab

    • Inside each of your projects there is a designated section where your team can discuss work, @mention team members to get their attention, ask questions, and record important notes

  • The "Client Emails" Tab

    • Pin important emails to projects so teams can easily organize emails pertaining their work

  • The "Files" Tab

    • You also have a section under the "Files" tab where your team can share important documents related to the work. This way they don't have to waste time trying to find important documents in cluttered inboxes or folders. Everything is just a click away

  • Collaborative Checklists

    • Inside each project is a checklist of tasks that your team must follow to complete the work, (you can even delegate tasks to specific team members) having this checklist makes it super easy for an employee to pick up where someone left off if they are sick or out of the office

Here is your view when inside of a project, as you can see the tabs are listed right below the project title:

Having all of this information in one place is incredibly valuable because your team can access all the information they need to get their work done right here, any time.

Collaborating on Clients

In Financial Cents, team members can easily access client information in the "client profile". In the client profile you can easily share information with your team and @mention them on important updates, allowing for seamless collaboration inside the app.

In each client profile there are sections where you can collaborate with your team:

  • Notes

    • Keep all your important client's notes in one place and @mention coworkers to easily collaborate and connect

  • Emails

    • Give your team the ability to see every client conversation and manage them in one place

  • Files

    • Have a centralized place to store all your client documents for your team to easily access anytime, anywhere

  • Client Vault

    • Securely store the login information for your client's apps so your team can easily access the solutions they need to get their work done

  • Activity feed

    • Ensure team members understand where every client relationship stands with an activity log accessible in each client profile

This is what a client's profile looks like inside Financial Cents, as you can see the sections are listed underneath the client name:

Click into each section and try for yourself!

Automated Notifications

We also have automated notifications that keep your team in the loop so nothing slips through the cracks. If any of the following happen, your team members will be notified in app and via email:

  • They are @mentioned in a comment

  • They are assigned work

  • When clients upload documents

  • When their work is ready to begin (Dependencies)

  • Due Date reminders

Coming soon

Collaborative Inbox

  • With our new email inbox each team member will be able to view and respond to all emails inside Financial Cents

  • Teams will also be able to collaborate inside of the inbox by leaving comments and notes directly attached to the emails

  • Additionally, if you have more than one email you will be able to consolidate all your accounts into ONE inbox so you can manage it all from one place

Collaborating with your team and organizing your workload has never looked better.

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