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Tag Automators - Automate the status of work

Automatically change the status or tag on the work when a task or section is completed

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Now, you can automate the status/tags of your work as it moves through the process.

  • This will automatically change the tag (status) on the project as certain tasks or sections are completed.

  • This will also automatically apply a "waiting on client info" tag (status) to the client when you send client tasks (requests) through Financial Cents.

How to set up your Tag Automatons

You can set up the Tag Automatons within a Task or on a Section.

When a task or section is completed, you can choose to add or remove the tag from the project.

Then, you can select the specific tag that you want added or removed when this task is completed.

When that task or section is completed, the tag will be updated on the overall project.

Want to learn more about how to set up your Tags? Read this article.

How the Tag Automators work for client tasks (requests)

When you send client tasks (requests) to clients through Financial Cents, the tag (or status) of the project will automatically change to "Waiting on client info."

Once the client has completed the request list, the "Waiting on client info" tag will automatically be removed.

This will make it easier for your team to track which work is waiting on information from your clients!

This has been set as the default for all of your projects in Financial Cents. You will not have to do anything to turn on this feature.

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