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How to Create Projects/Work in Financial Cents
How to Create Projects/Work in Financial Cents

Learn how to create work in Financial Cents

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In Financial Cents we refer to work, services, or duties, as "projects". Inside every project you can have tasks which outline what needs to be completed for that project.

You will use "projects" to keep track of accounting services like Payroll, Monthly Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, etc. but keep in mind that projects are also useful for keeping track of ad hoc requests, misc tasks, or really anything you don't want slipping through the cracks.

Creating work in Financial Cents is simple. You can create a project from your templates page (Workflow > Templates) or anywhere in the app by referring to the green "Create" button, as seen below:

You will then choose "project".

Next, the system will give you the option to either create a project from scratch or to use a template.

Once you have chosen from scratch or template, the system will walk you through setting the parameters for your project. I'm going to walk through those below:

Project Name: Choose the name of your project. You will use this to search for the project and keep track of it from your workflow dashboard.

Client: Choose the client that this project is for. (Important note: When using a template, you will be given the option to create the project for either one client or multiple clients)

Due Dates: Choose the dates in which the project will start and be due. Due dates are optional, but if this is going to be a recurring project then due dates are required.

Recurring: Choose whether or not the project is going to recur. Read this article to learn about the different recurring settings and how to set up recurring projects in Financial Cents.

Accounting Period: Choose either quarterly, monthly, or yearly accounting period for your project. This accounting period will recur with the project and help you decipher between projects. Read this article to learn more.

Reviewer: Choose if you want someone on the team to be notified when all the tasks are completed in the project. This is intended for owners or managers who want to review work before it's submitted.

Billing Rate/Service Item: Choose whether or not you want a specific billing rate or service item attached to the project for time tracking and billing purposes. Read this article to learn more on service items.

After you have finished your project settings you will press "create" and the project will be added to your workflow dashboard. Next you will customize the tasks and delegate them accordingly.

If you ever need to edit your project after it's created, you can go into the project > see "actions" > select "edit", as seen below:

If you ever need to edit multiple projects at once, you can bulk edit from your workflow dashboard. Read this article to learn how to bulk edit your projects.

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