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Accounting Periods for Projects
Accounting Periods for Projects

Specify what accounting period your projects are for in FC

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You can easily add the accounting period to your projects to understand which period of time the work is for. To learn more about accounting periods watch the video below:

When creating or editing a project you have the option to set accounting periods for Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly work. This is located under the Accounting Period drop down menu, found here:

They are also dynamic which means they will automatically recur with the project.

***For example, if the project is Monthly Bookkeeping (Jan '22), when it recurs it will be Monthly Bookkeeping (Feb '22)***

The accounting period will be displayed next to the title of the project, as seen here:

How to add the accounting period to a project

You add the accounting period as you create or edit a project in Financial Cents. When in the project details view you will see a field called "Accounting Period."

From here you will be able to select the period that the work is for (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

If you choose monthly, you will then be asked to select the actual month that the work is for (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.).

If you select Quarterly or Yearly, then you will be asked to select the last month in that quarterly or yearly period, which will then calculate the entire accounting period. If quarterly then it would be 3 months from that month. If Yearly, then it would be 12 months from that month.

When you select the accounting period it will display what the dynamic accounting period will be for the project so you can verify that it is correct, as seen below:

How to add accounting periods to existing projects in bulk

Do you have numerous projects that need accounting periods? If so, you can add accounting periods in bulk.

To do this, you will go to your workflow dashboard > select the projects that need accounting periods > select "bulk actions" > select "update other fields", as seen below:

Then choose "accounting period" and add that period to all the projects at once, as seen below:

Learn more about bulk editing projects here.

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