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How to link & switch between different accounts
What happens when I remove a user on the annual subscription?Will I get a credit when I remove a user on the annual plan?
How to add your firm logo & branding
How to Change / Remove / Customize NotificationsLearn how to customize your notifications in Financial Cents
Customize User PermissionsRestrict what certain team members can access and do in Financial Cents
How to remove a team memberHow to remove a team member, what happens to their information, how to reassign their work to someone else
Update Password, Email, Company, and Personal InformationHow can I edit my personal information in Financial Cents? How can I edit my password, email, and company information in Financial Cents?
How to import new clients from QuickBooks Online to Financial CentsFor when you add new clients to QuickBooks Online and want them in Financial Cents
Setting up two-factor authentication (2FA)How to set up two-factor authentication (2FA)
How to link/sync an individual client to QuickBooks OnlineHow to manually sync an individual client to QuickBooks Online
How to change my subscription planHow to switch to an annual or monthly billing plan
How to set up monthly recurring engagements or record a flat fee chargeA quick guide on how to record your monthly engagements or flat fee charges in Financial Cents (flat fee or value pricing)
How To Export Your Client List From Your Current SoftwareHow to export your client list from your current software to import it into Financial Cents
How to cancel my SubscriptionI need to cancel my subscription in Financial Cents, how do I do that?
Will my subscription renew automatically?
How to add a new team member
Can I export my data from Financial Cents?How to export your data from Financial Cents
How to customize user permissionsControl what certain users can see and do in Financial Cents with custom user permissions
Invite Your TeamInvite your team to collaborate on and track their work
How do I Subscribe to a monthly or Annual Plan?How to subscribe or sign up to Financial Cents
Celebrate completed work with confetti🎉Display a confetti party effect when closing a project
How to switch to Canadian hosted storageHow do I switch my storage settings so that my files are hosted in Canada?
How to configure notification settings
How to import multiple contacts for one client