The Scale Plan
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Save an additional 5 hours a week for $0.05 cents a day.

The scale plan is all about supercharging your firm with advanced automation and integrations. For example:

  • Automate client & work creation

    • When a client signs a proposal, it automatically creates the client and their work in Financial Cents.

  • Automate client follow-ups

    • Send automated text and email reminders to get client responses faster

  • Automatically update clients

    • Automatically send customized emails to clients as tasks are completed for status updates, surveys, scheduling meetings, or more.

  • Integrate your entire tech stack

    • Integrate with all your favorite apps to automatically keep client information in sync across your apps and access other apps from inside Financial Cents.

Features included in the Scale Plan:

Upgrade to unlock these features

We'll ask you about your needs, help you understand how pricing works, and get you started with new features.

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