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Scale Plan Announcement
Scale Plan Announcement
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We are excited to announce our new scale plan, which was specifically designed to help firms improve productivity and output with more automation and integrations!

We have been spending the last several months developing a lot of new features that will automate admin work, save time, and make your firm more organized.

Some of these new features include:

  • Automated emails trigged to be sent to a client once an internal task is completed

  • A Zapier integration that will allow you to integrate Financial Cents with over 5,000 different apps. We have already created some use cases here.

  • A SmartVault Integration to access documents and automate folder creation.

  • An open API to integrate Financial Cents with reporting tools or custom-built tools

The integrations are exciting because they help you automate admin tasks, keep client data synced between systems, and make it easier for your team to access the information in these systems from within Financial Cents.

For example, you will be able to do things like:

  • Once a proposal is signed, automatically create a client and soon even work in Financial Cents

  • When a client is created in Financial Cents, it will create that client folder or even folder structure in your document management system

  • Your team will be able to access the documents in your document management system from within Financial Cents with one click

  • Sync clients between other apps like your sales CRM, newsletters, reporting tools, and more

  • Pull raw data from Financial Cents to create custom reports in your reporting solutions

These integrations are just the start. We will be releasing a lot more integrations. These include integrations include:

  • Google Drive

  • One Drive

  • Sharepoint

  • Liscio

  • Tax systems

  • Practice Ignition

  • And so much more

Our goal is to use integrations to automate all your admin processes but, more importantly, make Financial Cents the single source of truth for your firm. So your team will be able to access all the information they need to do their work, whether it lives in FC or not.

To learn more about the scale plan's features and pricing, visit our new pricing page.

Join our webinar on October 10th @ 2pm EST to learn more about the scale plan. Register now

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