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ReCats - Manage Uncategorized Transactions
ReCats - Manage Uncategorized Transactions

Streamline your firm's process for managing client uncategorized transactions

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This is a premium add-on. Pricing is $4/month for each client you manually activate the feature for.

For example, if you decide to use this feature with 10 clients. You will be charged $40/month.


Streamline and automate your firm's process for managing client uncategorized transactions to save hours every week. No longer download transactions into a spreadsheet and chase down your client for a response.

With this feature, you will be able to:

  • Automatically pull uncategorized transactions from QuickBooks Online

  • Ask your client questions and for notes and documents about transactions

  • Automatically remind and chase your client about the uncategorized transactions

  • Easily categorize the uncategorized transactions in Financial Cents

  • Approve and push the updated transaction, notes, and documents to QuickBooks Online

How to Integrate With QuickBooks Online for ReCats

You will still need to follow the integration steps below even if you have already integrated with QuickBooks Online to import your clients or sync time tracking

  1. Click Get Started

  2. Click Connect to QuickBooks

  3. Login to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account

  4. Select your firm

  5. Select the client you want to pull transactions for

  6. Click Next

  7. Select which accounts you would like to pull uncategorized transactions from

  8. Select which team members should be notified about transactions

  9. Click Continue

How to Ask Clients About Transactions

  1. Click Share on the transactions you want to ask the client about

  2. Click Send Now to notify your client via email to review the transaction

  3. Set up the Automated Reminders to auto-remind your clients to review any transactions waiting for their responses

How to Approve Transactions

Once you have context from the client, you can approve the transaction

  1. Review the information from the client

  2. Select the Category for the transaction

  3. Click Approve

***This will update the category, add the client description and documents on the transaction in QuickBooks Online

The Client's Experience

The client portal was designed to be simple and easy to use. This results in very high client adoption and satisfaction.

We do this with a modern and simple design and our magic link technology that allows clients to securely access the portal without creating a username or password.

This allows clients to access the secure portal with a single click without ever creating an account or remembering a password.

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