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How clients can access their portal on demand
How clients can access their portal on demand

How your clients can access the client portal on demand

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Your clients can access our secure client portal on demand!

This makes it easy for your clients to access the portal without waiting for a reminder or searching through their email inbox to find past reminders.

This is the link your clients can use to access the portal

We recommend:

  • You add the link on your website as a "Client Portal" button

  • You add the link to your email signature for clients to access the portal

  • Your clients bookmark the link to access the portal with a single click

The best part is that it is still 100% passwordless and secure, keeping it easy to use for your clients.

How it works

  1. They type in their email address

  2. It sends them an email to access the portal through our secure magic link technology

  3. They click the Access Your Secure Portal button in the email

Easy as 1-2-3. See it in action below.

Watch the full video here.

Here is an email template to tell your clients about this new feature that will make their lives easier!

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