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How to sync your time entries with QuickBooks Online
How to sync your time entries with QuickBooks Online

Auto-sync your time entries from Financial Cents to QuickBooks Online

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1) Link your Clients

Before you can sync your time between QuickBooks Online and Financial Cents you need to link your clients in FC with QuickBooks Online. If you already imported your clients from QuickBooks Online then you are all set. If you haven't imported your client from QuickBooks Online yet. Then you can easily do this by going to Settings > Integrations > Import Clients.

2) Link Your Employees

Next, you will need to link your employees in QuickBooks Online to Financial Cents so QuickBooks Online can identify who on your staff is tracking specific time logs.

***If you are a solo firm you will still need to link your FC account with your own employee record in QuickBooks Online.

3) Upload Past Time Logs to QuickBooks Online

Lastly, you will need to manually push all your past time logs into QuickBooks Online by clicking "Upload past time logs." This will import all the time already tracked in Financial Cents to QuickBooks Online.

***You will only have to do this one time because all time entries will automatically sync between QuickBooks Online and Financial Cents after the integration is completed.

4) Import and auto-sync all time logs from QuickBooks Online

This will automatically pull in all your past time tracking history from QuickBooks Online into Financial Cents so you have a complete picture in your reports. More importantly, this will auto-sync everything. Meaning every time you track time in Financial Cents or QuickBooks Online it will automatically flow into the other system so you never have to manually push anything.

Make sure that the "Enable time tracking auto-sync is checked. This ensures your time tracking sync is complete.

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