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Client Portal Adoption Guide
Client Portal Adoption Guide

Tips for implementing our client portal and telling your clients

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Notifying your clients

If you plan to notify your clients about the new Financial Cents client portal, you can use our email template. It includes:

  • Why the portal will make it easier to work with you

  • A tutorial video on how the portal works

  • And the next steps for them to ensure success

Add the portal to your site and email signature

You will want to add the client portal to your website and email signature so clients can access the portal on demand (without the email notifications).

The clients will be able to securely access the portal without creating an account or using a password from this page -

You can:

  • Add the link on your website as a "Client Portal" button

  • Add the link to your email signature for clients to access the portal

You can learn more about how they access the portal in this article.

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