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How can my clients access the client task portal?
How can my clients access the client task portal?

Teach your clients how to access the client portal.

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Your clients can only access the client portal through the "View and manage tasks" button displayed in the automated email notification sent to them.

This means you cannot add a link on your website for your client to access the client portal. Our process is even easier.

By clicking "View and Manage Tasks" your client is then directed to a new web browser, where they request a verification code which is valid for up to 30 days. No log in or password is necessary for the Financial Cents client portal.

This verification code will be emailed to the client right after they request the code.

Once your client has received their verification code in their email, they copy and paste that into the client portal and they are granted access. Inside the portal clients can utilize the chat box to communicate with your firm, comment on tasks, as well as upload or download any needed documents.

This is where your client will complete all of their tasks so that you can get your work done.

Before implementing the client tasks feature into your process we recommend sending out an email to your clients. In this email you can explain why you are switching to this process (it's more secure, easier to use, etc.) and give them instructions on how they will use this portal. We even have a client task tutorial video that you can send them - we highly advise sending them this!


  • Is the client portal secure?

    • Yes, client tasks were specifically designed to send and request sensitive information and documents from clients. You can learn more about our security protocol here.

  • How do I teach my clients how to use this? This seems confusing.

    • To easily teach your clients how to use the portal send them this tutorial video.

  • Why am I getting a ton of notifications telling me my client completed tasks that aren't complete?

    • When a client checks the box indicating they have completed the task, they can also uncheck this box very easily. Sometimes clients accidentally check the box and then uncheck the box, causing you to get many notifications. If this is happening excessively I would check in with your client to ensure they know how to use the portal. If the issue still persists please let us know.

  • Does this mock a client portal management system?

    • Yes, and no. Our system allows for your clients to access documents 24/7 but as of right now those documents must be attached to a project. We do have plans to make it so you can upload documents for your client to access 24/7 (that may not be associated with a project).

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