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Secure folder sharing & client portal

How to securely share documents with clients in our client portal

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You can securely share folders and documents with your clients through our passwordless client portal. This allows your clients to:

  • Access archived documents and reports

  • Upload documents that are not related to a project or client requests

This brings us closer to our vision of creating a single portal for your clients. One place for them to easily access requests, documents, reports, invoices, resources, and communication. Ultimately, creating a simple and modern client experience that will WOW your clients and take your firm to the next level.

3 Minute Overview

How to share folders and documents with a client

Important Note: By default, every client in Financial Cents already has a folder shared with them called Client Uploads, where they can upload documents.

  • A default Client Uploads folder will automatically be created for all new clients in the future as well

  • If preferred, you can rename or remove this folder

Inside the client's profile, under the files tab, you can share folders and documents with the client.

  1. Click the sharing icon

  2. Select which client contact you want to share the folder with and if you want them to have View Only or View and Upload access

  3. Click Done

The client contact will automatically be notified via email that you have shared the document or folder with them. You can access the portal to view or download the document from the email notification.

*** The client will also be able to access the shared folders or documents on demand through the client portal access page.

The Client's Experience

The client can access their client portal to view shared folders and documents from the email notifications or through the portal access page.

Important Note: This is the same secure portal as our passwordless client request portal.

They can view all the folders and documents shared with them and, if given permission, upload documents to the shared folders.

Email Notifications

The client will be notified automatically via email when:

  • A folder is shared with them

  • A document is shared with them

  • A document is uploaded to a shared folder

Your team assigned to the client will automatically be notified via email when:

  • A client uploads a document to a shared folder

Important Note: It will notify all team members assigned to the client within the Clients tab or Client Profile. Please assign your team to the clients if you want them to be notified when the client uploads documents.

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