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When are client task notifications sent out?
When are client task notifications sent out?

I never received the client task notification, why?

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There are two ways you can send the initial notifications for client tasks.

  1. You can schedule them to send out with the "Start Date"

  2. You can manually send them out with "Manual Notifications"

Scheduled Notifications

When you schedule the notifications with the "Start Date" they will be sent out at 7:00 am of the scheduled day. For example, if you schedule it to send out on August 1st. It will send out at 7:00 am on August 1st. ***You cannot change the time they are sent.

Manual Notifications

These will send the client task notification the second you click "Send Notification Now." This is a great way to send notifications to clients immediately instead of waiting for the Scheduled Notifications to send.

Quick Tip

If you scheduled notification for the present day after 7:00 am. it will not send until the next day because it missed the scheduled send time for the day. For example, if it is September 10th (after 7:00 am) and you schedule a notification to send on September 10th it will not send the client the notification until September 11th at 7:00 am.

If you want to send a notification immediately, but still schedule the next reminder in the future with auto-reminders. Then you can schedule the future reminders with the "Start Date" field as well as send one immediately to the client by using the manual reminders too.

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