Time Tracking Updates

The ability to pause your timer along with many other time tracking updates!

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The Ability to Pause Timers

You now have the option to pause your timer! This is great for when you get interpreted while working on a client and need to stop tracking time but don't want to officially log the time entry.

After the timer has been paused, you will then see the option to resume it. When you resume the timer it will pick up where you left off instead of starting the timer over again from "0."

*** We will be making a few updates to this feature in the next two weeks that will allow you to start another timer while the current timer is paused and easily switch back to the old-timer.

Billable and Non-Billable Time

Before this update, if a project had a billing rate on it and someone tracked time to the project it would automatically consider the time entry as billable. The only way to change it to non-billable time was to adjust the billing rate to "$0."

This became an issue if you restricted your staff members from seeing the billing rates because then they would not be aware of the billing rate assigned to the project and accidentally record non-billable time as billable

This new update will allow your team to toggle the time as billable or non-billable even if they cannot see the billing rate. If the project has a billing rate on it and they mark it non-billable it will automatically adjust the rate to "$0" without revealing the rate to your staff.

Billable & Non-Billable Filter

You can now filter your time tracking reports to just show billable or non-billable time to get more insights into how your firm is spending its time.

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