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Seamlessly switch between timers
Seamlessly switch between timers

Sometimes you get interrupted and other clients need your attention. This will make it easier for you to pause and restart old-timers

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Accountants constantly get interrupted throughout their day. For example, a client may call and interrupt their work. This makes it challenging to switch between clients and accurately track your time.

That is why we released this new feature. It will allow you to seamlessly switch your timer to another client and then resume your previous timer when ready.

How it works

When you have a timer running, you will see a new option on the drop-down menu called "Start New Timer."

When you click this, it will allow you to start a new timer. Once you start the new timer, it will ask what you want to do with the previous timer you had running. You can "pause it" or "stop it." If you "stop it" it will record the time entry to the client's profile, but if you "pause it" you will be able to resume the timer at a later time.

If you paused the timer, you will see an option to view the paused timers on the timer drop-down menu.

When you select it you will be able to see all the current timer and previously paused timers. You will have the option to easily resume any of the old-timers where you left off or log the time entries.

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