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Custom Service Items for time tracking
Custom Service Items for time tracking

Create your own service items for time tracking outside of QuickBooks Online

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Now you can create your own custom service items in Financial Cents to have detailed time tracking and even more control over billable rates!

This also gives you the ability to create service items outside of the service items you import from QuickBooks Online.

You can create your own service items by going to Settings > Service Items

Your service items imported from QuickBooks Online will also show up on this page. They will have the QuickBooks Online logo so you can easily identify them.

  • You cannot edit QuickBooks Online service items in FC. You will need to go to QuickBooks Online to edit these service items

  • Service items created in FC will not be added to your QuickBooks Online service item list. If you want the service items in both QuickBooks Online and FC you will need to create them in QuickBooks Online.

To create a service item in FC you can click the green "+ Service Item" button in the top right corner. It will ask you to name it, specify a rate, and description.

Once you have created your service items, your team will have the option to associate these service items with your time entries. This will also automatically apply the rates associated with the service items.

This will give you more detailed time entries and allow you to have more consistency and control over the rates applied to the project.

This also givers your staff the ability to apply different rates to projects without having to see the rates themselves as all they will have to do is select the service item instead.

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