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Staff Member Training Program
Staff Member Training Program

A quick Financial Cents training program for your employees

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Instructions: Complete this training module over the next 7 days

How Financial Cents will give you peace of mind

In this 50-second video, you will learn how Financial Cents will give you peace of mind by making it easier to manage your work.

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The Basics

These modules will automatically be displayed to all clients

1) Important key terms

In this short video, you will learn important key terms for the foundation of understanding how Financial Cents works

Action Item: Create a project from a template to complete this module

2) Easily track the status of your work

Track all the work on your desk in a single view so you always know the status of work and what to work on next

Action Item: Create a saved view to complete this module

3) Quickly access everything you need to get your work done

Have all the information you need in one place to quickly get your work done

Action Item: Close the project you created in Module 1 "Important key terms" to complete this module

4) Automate client data collection

Never chase down clients for information with our automated requests and save hours every week

Action Item: Send yourself a test client request notification to complete this module

Other Modules (A la Carte)

These can be added to the training module if your firm uses them.

5) Centralize & access client data

Store and access all client information in a single place so it's easy to find

Action Item: Create a note on a client and then delete it to complete this module

6) Seamlessly track time

Seamlessly track time to clients and work in Financial Cents

Action Item: Record a time entry to complete this module

7) Never miss a client email

Easily manage, track, and organize emails related to client work

Action Item: Integrate your email to complete this training module

8) Manage uncategorized transactions

Streamline and automate the way you manage uncategorized transactions to save several hours every week.

Action Item: Go to the transaction tab on the clients profile to complete this module

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