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Store any type of client data with custom fields
Store any type of client data with custom fields

Create custom fields to store any type of client information on their profile

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Now you can create custom fields on your client's profile to easily and securely store any type of information.

You can add fields for their EIN #, Entity Type, Start Date, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! This information will be displayed on the main profile view for your team to easily find.

How to create a custom field

You will be able to add the custom fields in the "About" section of the client's profile. To add or edit custom fields click "Add information" or "Edit"

There will already be a few default fields, but you can add more custom fields by clicking "Manage Fields"

*** Any new fields added will be added to every one of your clients' profiles. If you delete any fields they will also be deleted from all the other clients' profiles as well.

Once you finish creating new fields and adding in the information click "Save."

*** Only the fields with information in them will be displayed on the client's profile.

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