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Updates to client notes

Easily store all your client notes and info on your clients' profiles

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We just released a new update that makes it easier for your firm to store and access all your client notes and information—making it easier to stay organized as your firm grows.

The ability to create multiple notes under the client's profile

Due to popular demand, you can now create multiple notes under your client's profile instead of having one long client notepad. This makes it easier to store all your client notes in an organized manner.

You can create as many notes as you prefer and title the notes so they are easy to sort through.

Client notes can be viewed on the main profile view

We added the ability to preview all your important notes for the client on the main profile, so you quickly access them by clicking them. This allows your team to quickly access the information they need to get their work done.

The ability to pin important notes to the top

You can pin the most important notes for that client to the top of your notes section so your staff never misses them. If you pin a note to the top, it will also be displayed at the top of the client note preview on the main client profile view.

The ability to quickly search for specific client notes

If you have a lot of different notes, they may be tough to find. That is why we added the ability to search the notes section for important notes easily.

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