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Importing Custom Client Information into Custom Fields
Importing Custom Client Information into Custom Fields

How to import all your client information outside of our default fields

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Sometimes you want to import client information outside our default fields like name, contact information, and address. You may want to import other client information like:

  • Entity Type

  • DoB

  • Client ID

  • Marketing Source

  • Contract Start Date

  • Apps they use

  • Client Type

  • etc.

How to import custom client information

1) Select or create a fake client and add the custom fields you want to import to the "About" section of that fake client's profile.

2) Add the custom fields to the CSV Import template for importing your clients.

3) Importing the CSV Template with the custom fields

How to update the custom fields for clients already in Financial Cents

If you have already imported your clients but want to add the custom client information, you can:

  • Import the same CSV template again with the new custom client information.

  • Or you can export your client list from Financial Cents, add the custom field information, and then import that list back into Financial Cents.

This will not duplicate your clients. It will only update your existing clients with these new fields. However, the client names match exactly to prevent the clients from duplicating.

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