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Store all your client information in one place so it is always easy to find

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Financial Cents allows you to store all your client information securely and in one place for your team to access from anywhere. Watch our video on the client profile below:

Not only does the client profile keep your firm organized, but it allows your team to quickly access the information they need to complete their work.

Inside the client's profile, you can securely store everything related to the client so it is all in one place.

Below are some of the sections inside the client's profile

  • Upcoming Projects: Easily view all the work currently being done on for the client by your firm

  • Client Notes: Store important client notes in one place and pin the most important notes to the top

  • Recent Documents: Securely store all the documents related to your clients

  • Client Tasks: Track all the outstanding client task request with your client

  • Activity Timeline: A 360-degree view of your client relationship. See who on your team last spoke to the client, when, about what as well as other important activities

  • Client Vault: Securely store all the passwords and usernames to all your client's apps and launch them directly from Financial Cents.

  • Contacts: Store all your client contact information

  • About Section: Create custom fields to have all the important information you want in the main view

  • Relationships: Establish relationships between clients and quickly navigate between the related clients in one click.

  • Client Groups: See what groups or tags your clients are associated with

Watch the video above to learn more about client profiles and how you could use them in your firm.

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