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Time Budgets in Financial Cents
Time Budgets in Financial Cents

Set time budgets on client work to identify what work or clients are over-budget work and why

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In Financial Cents, you can easily set budgets for client work to help you identify work that is over budget and why.

You can set budgets on a project and even task level in Financial Cents.

Setting time budgets on projects. When inside a project, you can easily set a budget for the project on the right-hand side.

When you set a budget on the project level it will automatically divide that budget amount the tasks. For example, in the image above the project has a budget of 4 hours with 4 tasks. That means each task inside the project has a budget of an hour.

If some tasks take longer than others you can manually click into the task and assign it a different budget.

However, make sure that you adjust the other tasks accordingly as you need to make sure that the budgets assigned to all the tasks match the budget of the project. As it will not automatically change the budget of the project to match the budget of the tasks.

Once the budgets are set on all your work you can view it in several areas within Financial Cents

Your Workflow Dashboard to quickly see if anything is taking longer than it should.

Time tracking Reports to identify over budget work and clients.

Capacity Management Reports to easily manage your team's capacity.

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