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Firm Adoption Guide

Quick Tips for getting your team to adopt Financial Cents after you have set it up

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This is a guide to ensure your team fully adopts Financial Cents after you have finished the set-up guide.

1) Create a timeline for adopting Financial Cents

It should outline which features you plan to adopt immediately and what will be adopted later to not overwhelm the team. Typically, you want your team to have the team fully adopt the workflow and client task feature within 30 days.

2) Assign someone to champion adoption

This person will be in charge of making sure everyone completes their training and implements Financial Cents within the timeline. They will also be the go-to contact for any questions the team has about Financial Cents.

This could be you as the owner, an admin, a manager, or a tech-savvy team member

3) Schedule weekly Financial Cents meetings

Hold weekly meetings about Financial Cents usage, questions, or updates. This will reinforce the product's value and the reason for its existence. Continue until you feel your team has fully adopted the required features.

4) Send an announcement to your team

Here is an email template that you can use. It includes

  • Why Financial Cents is important and how it will make their job easier

  • The implementation timeline

  • The training program

  • The weekly Financial Cents meetings

5) Have your team complete our training program

Financial Cents is easy to use, but it helps to give your team a basic understanding of the core features of Financial Cents so we created a quick training program for your team. Don't worry, it's quick and simple. Each section is only 5 minutes long.

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