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Import your client list with a CSV file
Import your client list with a CSV file

Easily import your clients in seconds with a CSV or excel file

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Importing a CSV file with your client list is one of the quickest ways to add your clients.

First, export your client list from your existing tax, bookkeeping, or practice management software. We show you how to export clients from popular systems here.

The format of your CSV export should be ready to import into our system as is. However, if needed, we have a CSV Sample template that you can download here.

***Pro Tip

Use this article to import custom client information (Entity type, Client #, Birthday, YearEnd, Client ID, etc).

To import your client list

  1. Click the green + Create in the top right corner of Financial Cents

  2. Click Client

  3. Click Upload Spreadsheet

  4. Import your client list CSV file

  5. Map the fields

  6. Confirm & import clients

How to Import Your Client List (CSV File)

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