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An email is not showing up in my Financial Cents Inbox
An email is not showing up in my Financial Cents Inbox

I don't see an email in my Financial Cents inbox

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If a few emails are missing from your inbox in Financial Cents, it could be due to any of the reasons below:

It may be in a different folder

  • By default, the main inbox folder just displays emails with your clients. Check the Other Emails folder to see if you see the email. If you want that email in your focused Client Emails folder, then you must add the email recipient as a client contact in Financial Cents.

We only import your last 500 emails initially

  • If you just integrated you're with Gmail or Outlook then you may not see it because we only import your last 500 emails. This includes your inbox, deleted, archived, and sent emails. Going forward we will keep your entire email history.

The system is backed up

This is not as common, but sometimes our system can be backed up, which can delay the sync between Gmail and Outlook. Please wait up to an hour; if the email is still not in your inbox, contact the support team to have them take a look.

Please share the following information with them:

  • Subject line of the email

  • Date the email was received

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