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Pricing breakdown, credits, adding or removing users, renewals and FAQ's

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Two Payment plans

  • Monthly Plan - $49/month per team member (pay month to month)

  • Annual Plan - $39/month per team member (pay 12 months upfront)

    • Check out this pricing page to see a full breakdown of what comes with the Financial Cents subscription.

***You can start on the monthly plan and switch to the annual plan at any time in the future.

Adding and removing users

  • When you add a new user (team member), then you will be charged an additional $49 every month. If they are in the annual plan you will be charged an additional $468 (12 months * $39).

  • If you add a new user to the annual plan at a later point in your annual term you will be charged a pro-rated amount for that user. For example, if you add another user to your annual plan 6 months later after starting your annual plan. You will only be charged $234 ($39 * remaining 6 months).

  • When you remove a user from your account on the annual plan the amount of unused time of that user will be applied to your account as a credit. This credit will then be applied to your next charge as a discount.

How credits work

  • When you receive a credit for removing a user it will be applied as a discount on your next charge. Credit on your account will be used towards adding any new users added in the future, or when your subscription renews.

  • For example, if you remove a user that had 8 months left on his annual subscription a credit of $312(8 months * $39) will be applied to your account. This credit will be applied when you add a new user in the future or when you renew your annual subscription.

Renewal process

  • If you are on the annual plan the renewal takes place on the same date you began your subscription the year prior. You will make a payment for the entire year and pay $39/per user.

  • If you are in the monthly plan the renewal takes place each month and you will pay $49/user.

  • We recommend choosing the annual plan because you save 20% on your subscription.


  • Do I get charged more for adding clients?

    • No, you get unlimited clients included with your subscription

  • Do I get charged more for extra storage?

    • Nope, you get unlimited storage included with your subscription.

  • Do I get charged more for support?

    • No, our customer support with a response time under 10 minutes included with your subscription

  • Can I be on the annual plan, but have a seasonal employee on the monthly plan?

    • Unfortunately no, you cannot be on the annual plan and add a monthly user. However, if you only add a user to the annual plan for a short period of time you will get a credit for their unused time so when you renew or add another user in the future you will get that money back.

  • Do you have any discounts for 1 person firms?

    • Unfortunately, we do not.

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