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Email Integration Overview
Email Integration Overview

Declutter your inbox, turn emails into a tasks, pin emails to work, and have an audit trail of all emails between your client and team

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Get control of your inbox by having your Gmail or Outlook inbox inside Financial Cents!

  • Declutter your inbox with a focused folder that just shows client emails

  • Manage ad hoc email requests by easily turning an email into a project

  • Share and organize important emails by pinning them to projects

  • Aggregate all your email addresses into one inbox

  • Communicate with clients by sending emails from within Financial Cents

  • Have an audit trail of all communication between your staff and clients.

Important Note

  • Financial Cents has a two-way sync with Outlook and Gmail. This prevents you from having to manage multiple inboxes. You want to use FC during work hours and switch back over to outlook and Gmail after hours, and the inboxes will be the same.

    • If you delete an email in FC, it will delete the email in Gmail or Outlook

    • If you delete an email in Outlook or Gmail, it will delete the email in FC

    • If you archive the email in FC, it will archive it in Outlook or Gmail

    • If you archive the email in Outlook or Gmail, it will archive it in FC

    • If you read the email in FC, it will be marked as read in Outlook or Gmail.

    • If you read the email in Outlook or Gmail, it will be marked as read in FC.

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  • I have non-client emails showing up in my focused "Client Emails" Inbox.

    • This is because the email address on those non-client emails is associated with a client in FC. To resolve this, find which client that email is associated it and remove it from the client's profile under contacts.

  • If I send a client an email from FC, will it still look like it came from Outlook & Gmail?

    • Yes, it will still look like it came from Outlook and Gmail

  • Can I add more than one email to the integration?

    • Yes

  • How does FC know which client this email should be associated with?

    • We match it based on the emails of the contacts within the client's profile.

  • Can I add multiple emails to a client?

    • Yes, if you add another contact on the client's profile with an email, it will automatically sync and import the emails to the audit trail.

  • If I change/add a new email to a client, will it automatically import the emails to the timeline?

    • Yes

  • If I remove an email from a client, will it remove the emails associated with the email removed?

    • Yes, it will keep the emails on the timeline for historical reference even if you remove the email from the client.

  • Will I have to add the email integration for each client, or as I add new clients?

    • No, only each team member has to set up the email integration once. After that, any new clients added to FC with emails will automatically be imported into the system.

  • Will it show both sent and received emails from my team?

    • Yes

  • Can I turn off the email sync for specific contacts?

    • Yes, you can do this by editing the contact and removing the sync

  • There are some emails that we do not want to sync, is there a way to prevent them from syncing, or do we have to just delete it once it syncs?

    • There isn't a way to prevent specific emails from syncing to FC. However, you can always remove them after the fact. Also, If the email is from a client to a boss (owner/admin), then the members would not have access to see that email anyways because of our default user permissions that prevent this. You can also customize these by going to your user permissions.

  • We have several clients that own multiple businesses with different partners. Will emails from them be synced to all of the client profiles, or is there a way to pick one?

    • Yes, they will all be synced by default, but you can prevent specific contacts from syncing as shown below.

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