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Capacity Management
Capacity Management

Get an instant overview of your team's work capacity, make informed resourcing decisions, and easily reassign work.

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Capacity Management

As your team grows it becomes harder to ensure they have enough capacity to get their work done. If you don't watch it carefully it can create bottlenecks and cause your firm to miss deadlines.

That is why we released the capacity management report. It will allow you to get an overview of your team's capacity, view the individual projects, and re-assign them to other members of your team.

The capacity management report can be found on your "Reports" tab. In the report, you will see your team listed out and the number of projects assigned to each of them for each time period.

You can hover over any time period for a team member to see how much they are over or under capacity.

Then you have the ability to click it to see the individual projects and tasks and assign them to other team members to easily level out the workload.

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