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Import Your Clients

How do I add my clients to Financial Cents?

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Importing your clients to Financial Cents will allow you to centralize all your client information in one place.

There are three ways to import your clients quickly:

  1. Importing a CSV file that contains your client list.

  2. Or manually add your clients one by one

You can find these options by going to + Create > Client:

We also recommend manually adding an admin client with your Firm's Name to keep track of non-client-related work and time.


  • How many clients can I add?

    • There is no limit. You can add an unlimited amount of clients

  • Do my clients get notified? What can they access?

    • Your clients do not get notified when added to Financial Cents. They will not be able to see any information inside Financial Cents. They will only have access to their client portal, which will only display information and requests that you create.

  • How does the QuickBooks Online integration work?

    • When integrated with QuickBooks Online, all your clients are automatically imported into Financial Cents. The name, email, phone number, and address you have in QuickBooks Online will sync between the two systems. If you edit a client's contact info in FC or QuickBooks Online, it will update in the other system. You can learn more about the integration here.

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