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Team Activity Report
Team Activity Report

See who on your team is currently working, what else they worked on, and how much time they worked that day

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This report will let you see

  • Who on your team is currently working

  • What everyone is currently working on

  • What the worked on throughout the day

  • The total time tracked that day

So you can hold your team accountable and ensure they are focused on what is important. This feature is great for managing remote teams.

As shown below, you can quickly see who on your team is currently working at any moment within the main view.

You can also drill down to see exactly what they are working on now, what they worked on that day, and how much time they tracked.

You can access this report within Reports > Team Activity. If you do not see the report, you will need the owner on the account to give you access to it through the user permissions.

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