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Organize Your Clients Into Groups
Organize Your Clients Into Groups

Create client groups to organize your client base and filter your workflow

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Client groups are highly recommended as they organize your client base and have several benefits in Financial Cents.

  • You can filter your client database by client groups

  • You can filter your workflow by a client group

  • You can create work or projects for an entire client group

Here are a few examples of client groups.

  • Bookkeeping Clients

  • Tax Clients

  • Payroll Clients

  • Leads/ Prospects

  • Year-End Clients by Month

  • QuickBooks Online Clients

  • Xero Clients

  • Group by Firm Package Type

You can create and edit client groups by clicking "Manage Groups" from the Client's tab.

You can also associate a client to as many groups as you want.

Filtering your client view by client groups

Once you have created your client groups you can filter your client dashboard by client groups. This lets you quickly view a specific group of clients quickly.

Also, you can use this to compare the effective hourly rate (least and most profitable clients) within a similar group.

For example, you could see your most profitable bookkeeping clients or use it to compare your average effective hourly rate for bookkeeping vs tax clients and etc. which would help you identify your most profitable services. You can learn more about the effective hourly rate in this article.

Filtering Your Workflow by Client Groups

Filtering your workflow dashboard by client groups gives you more visibility because it makes it easier to see all the work related to a specific group/type of client.

For example, you can filter your workflow view to just display projects for your

  • Bookkeeping clients

  • Tax clients

  • New Leads

  • Clients related to a specific team or department at your firm

  • Clients associated with a specific year-end date

  • And so much more!

You will see the client group filter at the end of your filter options as shown below.

Duplicate a Project to an Entire Client Group

This new feature makes it easier to assign a project to a large number of clients in seconds. For example, if you have 300 tax clients, you can now assign a single tax project to all 300 tax clients at the click of a button.

Currently, you can only do this from the "Duplicate" button after the project is created.

Once you hit "Duplicate" you will have the option to select client groups, which will then list all the client groups you have created in the Client CRM. Here you will have the option to select the client group you want to copy this project to and see how many clients it will copy it to.

Once duplicated you will see them on your dashboard and can edit/tailor each project to the specific client's needs!

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