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How to automate client data collection
How to automate client data collection

Save 10+ hours a week and get client documents faster with a secure portal and automated client reminders.

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Most firms waste hours every single week chasing down their clients for information.

So we built client tasks to automate this process for your firm.

  • It saves you 10+ hours each week.

  • Provides a secure and EASY way to exchange documents with your clients.

  • It helps you get these documents faster and get work done on time.

You can find client tasks inside your work/project.

Here you can create a request list for your clients. You can:

  • Ask questions

  • Send documents

  • Request documents

Once you create the request list, click "Manage Notifications" to set up the automated reminders.

Here you can schedule when you want the reminders to start, chose how often you want it to follow up with your client, and choose the contact to send it to.

Important things to know:

  • The client will get automated reminders until they complete the request list.

  • If the project is recurring, the reminders will also automatically be sent in the next recurrence. For example, if it is a monthly bookkeeping project that recurs every month and you schedule the reminders to be sent on the 1st of the month. The request list will automatically be sent every single month on the 1st. You won't have to do anything - completely automating this process for all work in the future.

Want to know what the client sees?

  • Watch this video to see the client's experience.

Before rolling this feature out, we recommend you send your clients an email letting them know about this new feature so they don't think it is fraud. Here is a sample email you can use.

Email Template for clients

Hey {Client Name},

We will start using a new system for you to securely send us documents on {Date}.

This system is designed to make it much easier for you to send us the documents. You won't have to create an account, use a password, or download an app.

Please watch this short video to learn how to use this new portal.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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